Testimonials Coach Testimonials Andrew Hake, Teacher/ Head Football Coach

Head Football Coach, Western Reserve High School

"My name is Andrew Hake. I am a 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher at Western Reserve Local Schools. I also serve as the head football coach of the high school football team. As a coach I am responsible for the student-athletes at all times. This is always a serious concern because of the natural contact that is involved with the sport. I am constantly trying to update our equipment and/or find the most recent information. We happened to have a great season this year. I do not believe our success was by chance. It was facilitated and fueled by our kid’s desire and commitment to our cause. As every coach realizes you cannot have great seasons without great players. I credit a lot of our success this year due to the fact that our kids stayed healthy for the most part. Much of that success is due to the Shockstrip® product.

We were so pleased with this product that we applied the shockstrip to every helmet of all our players throughout the playoffs. We eventually won our region this season and made it to the state semi-finals. I’m not a coach that believes in magic, voodoo, or spiritual dances in order to get an advantage over the competition. But I do believe in products that work.

The Shockstrip is a no-brainer to me. There is hard evidence that refutes any “naysayer.” Take it from someone that didn’t want to believe in the product, “It works.” It was amazing. I cannot begin to tell you how truly blessed our program felt when we used this program. In closing, I would like to say that our entire team will definitely use the Shockstrip in the future. Dr. Novicky should be praised for his product. He and the product will be eternally appreciated from the people here in Berlin Center and Ellsworth for sharing his product with us."

“Parents have the
  that when their
  child puts on that
  football helmet it
  will protect them
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– Dr. Steven Novicky