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Helmet Reconditioning

Reconditioning is a term used in association with the replacement of football helmet and facemask parts, as well as the cleaning and sanitizing of football helmets. During reconditioning, equipment is inspected. Worn pads and unsafe parts are replaced. Scratched and faded surfaces are renewed.

Recertification is the process by which athletic equipment in general, and football helmets in particular, are given the status of approval per manufacturer's guidelines and the adopted NOCSAE® Standard. For a football helmet to be recertified, it must go through the reconditioning process by an Authorized Reconditioner.


When it comes to reconditioning, value means more than cost savings; it also means safety. More than a cleaning operation, a quality reconditioner must meet national safety standards when repairing athletic equipment. For instance, the safety of a football player often depends on the condition of his protective gear, and it is essential that a player’s equipment be in top protective condition.

In order to protect against serious head injuries, it is recommended that each helmet at least be tested if not reconditioned annually at the end of each season. Electronic testing equipment approved by the National Operating Committee for Standards in Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is used to test the protective qualities of the equipment. The committee was formed in 1969 to make competitive sports as injury-free as possible by developing standards for protective equipment.

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