About The Shockstrip® Story

The Shockstrip® Story

Launched in January 2010, Shockstrip® helmet pads, a now patented product of Shockstrip®, Inc., were created by Dr. Steven D. Novicky as a device to protect his young patients by giving the outside of the helmets an added layer of protection and reduce forces associated with helmet-to-helmet impacts, many of whom were athletes suffering complaints related to helmet-to-helmet impacts each football season.

Alarmed by the epidemic trend, Dr. Novicky, a Chiropractic physician board-certified in rehabilitation, dedicated his efforts to research headaches and dizziness, subjects that had previously attracted his interest while earning his Doctorate in Chiropractic.  His extensive studies quickly showed that protective measures beyond regulated helmets were necessary to reduce complaints typically associated with helmet-to-helmet impacts. 

After years of research, testing, and assessment of different materials, Dr. Novicky developed the Shockstrip® concept to reduce impact by absorbing shock from helmet-to-helmet collisions. The device provides additional padding to the helmet by adding a “bumper” like apparatus to the outside of helmets.

Made by Action Products from the proprietary AKTON® Xi75 polymer, a medical grade material, Shockstrip® helmet pads function to absorb and deflect energy, and to deaden sound from helmet to helmet contact. The material withstands extreme temperatures (hot or cold), is flexible and anti-microbial.

Shockstrip® helmet pads were then vigorously tested by independent laboratories and experts across the country. Four critical tests: Drop Testing, Linear Impact Testing, and Friction Coefficiency, showed that football helmets with Shockstrips performed significantly better than helmets without Shockstrips. Shockstrips were also shown to decrease the stress forces on the cervical spine and to dampen helmet-to-helmet “cracking”. Further field testing is currently in progress.

In 2011, sales and marketing of the device were initiated by Shockstrip® Inc., President Dr. Steven D. Novicky and Vice President Kim Dominic. After two years of continuous use on the field, athletes on 28 teams in 13 states are using Shockstrips with outstanding results.

Recently in a first-ever ruling, Shockstrips were legalized for sanctioned game day use in high school football by the National Federation of State High School Associations. Shockstrip® is currently the most widely used external helmet device by high school football players during sanctioned games. For more information about using Shockstrips for additional protection for your school district, team or child click here to contact Shockstrip®, Inc.

PLEASE NOTE: 1) No helmet pad can prevent or eliminate the risk of concussions or other serious head injuries while playing sports; 2) Scientists have also not reached agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to concussions; and 3) No conclusions about a reduction of risk or severity of concussive injury should be drawn from impact absorption tests.

  • Created in 2010 by
    Dr. Steven D. Novicky

  • Linear testing on helmets using Shockstrips showed a decrease in impact from helmet-to-helmet contacts.

  • Independent testing shows football helmets with Shockstrips perform significantly better than helmets without Shockstrips in protecting the head and neck.