Specs Akton® Xi75 Polymer

AKTON® Xi75 Viscoelastic Polymer

Shockstrip® External Helmet Pads are manufactured for Shockstrip, Inc., by Action Products Inc., in Hagerstown, Maryland. Action Products is a leading manufacturer of medical padding products that provide comfort and protection to millions of people worldwide. In 1970, Action Products introduced the first ultra-soft viscoelastic polymer developed specifically to help people who are confined to wheelchairs or beds. In 1982 that revolutionary material was trademarked as AKTON® Viscoelastic Polymer.

For over 40 years, Action Products has utilized their expertise in viscoelastic polymers to create a variety of customized formulations for thousands of products and applications.

In 2010, Dr. Steven D. Novicky approached Action Products to develop a shock absorbing material that would withstand the demanding requirements associated with football helmet collisions. After months of testing and analysis, a combination of critical material properties was identified and AKTON® Xi75 viscoelastic polymer was selected as the best material for the application.

What makes AKTON® Xi75 Viscoelastic Polymer UNIQUE?

    • Extreme Impact shock-absorption
    • High tensile strength and elasticity
    • High load-bearing capacity
    • Retains its original shape after deformation
    • Can be molded into any shape or form
    • Easily cleaned
    • Color customizable
    • Extraordinary adhesive properties

    ACTION, the ACTION wave design mark and AKTON are registered trademarks of Action Products, Inc. AKTON Xi75 is a trademark of Action Products, Inc.