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PLEASE NOTE: 1) No helmet pad can prevent or eliminate the risk of concussions or other serious head injuries while playing sports; 2) Scientists have also not reached agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to concussions; and 3) No conclusions about a reduction of risk or severity of concussive injury should be drawn from impact absorption tests.

CHRISTIAN ARMSTRONG, Westside Patriots, Age 10

“This past year I wore the Shockstrips and I loved them. When I hit someone it did not really give a shock, it stopped the bang. When I put it on the first time I knew it would be a big difference wearing a helmet with the strips versus wearing a normal helmet.”

JOEY SANTANGELO, ­Springfield­ Local ­Middle ­School

“My name is Joey Santangelo. I am currently a 7th grader in the Springfield Local Intermediate School. I wanted to write you this letter and thank you for inventing Shockstrips. I feel that Shockstrip should be mandatory for all players. I was expecting it to be very loud but to my amazement it was not. My impression of Shockstrip was very good because you cannot tell you are wearing them and I felt better knowing that this would give me extra padding on my helmet.”

JON TIMKO, Western Reserve High School

“I really enjoyed using the Shockstrips this football season. My parents also felt a lot better that I wore them. I recommend Shockstrips to everyone. I think they are amazing. They look sweet too.”

ALEX MORLAN, ­Springfield­ Local ­Middle­ School

“My name is Alex Morlan. I am writing you this letter to thank you for the Shockstrips. This was my third year playing football for Springfield Local Schools. Last year during a playoff game, I hit a player on the other team and knocked him out. After I felt really bad about it and almost gave up football. This year, I put Shockstrips on my helmet and I really felt a big difference. Now when I hit another kid, my helmet feels better, kind of like softer when we hit. The big crack that I used to hear is now gone. I am a big kid for my age and I measure six foot, 1 inch and weigh 210 pounds. I think with my uncle’s help and the Shockstrips, I might have a good chance of playing football for the pros. There are 2 other kids on my team that wore the strips this year and they liked them a lot too. All the other kids want to get them for this next year. Thank you very much for caring enough about me to give me the strips and I hope everybody will start wearing them. My mother also thanks you. She says she feels better about me playing football now that my head is safe.”

TOMMY KIMBROUGH, Struthers High School

“My name is Tommy Kimbrough and I am a quarterback and defensive back for Struthers High School and I was a user of the Shockstrips! I was one of the first to test this invention and I can be the first to tell you that I did not like the idea, not did I like the look at all. But I did experience it and can honestly say they helped me a lot! It protected me when I took many shots, helmet to helmet. I do recommend this be something that all schools should look at because it is very reliable. After a few games, I started to love the strips and will be gladly having them on my helmet for my senior year as many others should also.”

JEFF CLEGG, Western Reserve High School

“I am a senior at Western Reserve High School. I participated in the 2011 season and I wore the Shockstrips. My first impression was about the looks. I saw them on a fellow teammate’s helmet and thought that they looked like Michigan Wolverines style of helmet. When I was approached about wearing them, I was concerned with how I would look and if they would make my head feel heavier. I put them on as a trial basis because I heard helped to reduce impact. There needs to be major consideration for Shockstrips to become mandatory.”

BRAXTON KOUP, Struthers High School

“I am a sophomore at Struthers High School. About one to two weeks before our first game, I received the greatest football device ever created. As soon as I tried out my new strips for the first time, I knew that this was really going to help me and my career. My style of football is hard nose, mess someone up type of football. So I mean to be completely honest, I’m one of those people that like helmet to helmet competition because that is what I believe football is all about. This device really changed the way I play and effects on the certain things I do. My season has been great and I truly believe that any little league, high school, college and NFL teams should put on the strips.”

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– Dr. Steven Novicky